Work Experience

2016 July to 2017 September


I was a Product Designer in the UX team. My main responsibilities were UX/UI design and prototyping. I also assisted with conducting and analysing UX research. I worked with visual designers, UX designers, business analysts, and other stakeholders to deliver customer-centered experiences for our clients.

The first project that I was a part of was an investment platform for customers of Credit Suisse in the Asian region. Our client wanted to make digital investment banking faster and easier for their customers. It was a project with a team of 2 UX designers and myself, lead by our UX director and project manager. My focus was on the experience for Investment Ideas which aimed to help customers improve their portfolios through investment opportunities. With the right information, they should be able to make quick decisions to buy or sell products. I worked on the content, visual design, and user experience for this segment of the app. I assisted in engaging the clients in co-design sessions and was involved in user testing sessions with customers through note-taking and research synthesis.

Some time after the initial release, the digital app was adopted by 40% of Credit Suisse’s clients and helped the company generate a billion dollars. The platform was on the right track in helping the investment bank and their customers generate more wealth.

The second project I worked on was SK-II. Our goal was to reframe SK-II beyond consumer products towards a skin care service. We were working with them to rebrand the Japan and Singapore websites, which could later on be rolled out globally.

I was responsible for UX, interaction design, and prototyping. I also lead the creation of a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot prototype for an internal event for our client. It was live for stakeholders to test and interact with. This was one of the many channels that we were tying together to lay foundations for the future experience of the brand.

UX worked closely with the Visual Design and Content Strategy teams. Mobile was important for the Japanese market, and we wanted to make sure that the mobile experience was consistent with the desktop experience without sacrificing performance and speed. The prototypes were very effective in pushing forward our ideas in the conversations with the client, developers, and internal stakeholders. The new web experience has been rolled out for the Japan and Singapore markets in early 2018.

2014 September – 2016 July 


I was a Product Designer in the team, and I was responsible for the entire design process (discovery, research, release, and evaluation) on all our platforms: iOS, Android, and web. I worked with engineers, stakeholders, and coordinated with other teams to launch features and plan product roadmaps. In my last 6 months with the company, I lead the Core Marketplace Team as Product Manager in sprint planning, strategy, and product prioritization.

I ensured that the experience across the platforms were distinct and yet consistent, following our brand while keeping in line with iOS and Android’s design guidelines. The team worked in sprints and grew to adopt agile methodologies. I facilitated workshops with the co-founders to design solutions for our customer problems. I tested designs and prototypes internally. Interviews were made with customers informally through our meet-up events. I relied on data and analytics to track how well the product and the designs performed. I worked closely with Community Managers to understand the market-specific needs of our customers. I collaborated with the Customer Experience team, usually first in line in communications with our customers, for qualitative data.

At that time, the company’s focus was on growth. We focused on making the product more engaging for our customers (i.e. make a web app to extend our reach and make multi-tasking easier), and on making communication between buyers and sellers easier and by making search faster. As a cross-cultural product, we had to find needs that were common across our markets but at the same time accommodate behaviours that may be unique to some of them.

Milestones: Launched the full web app experience. Introduced new features such as Chat, Groups, Marketplace Filters, and Subcategories.
2014 March – 2014 August 

Awesome Lab, Inc.

Awesome Lab is an agency based in Manila and I was part of a smaller team (1 designer, 2 engineers) that worked on innovation experiments. As a designer in the team, I created branding for the product, UI design, and front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS).

Milestones: Launched a working prototype in a local restaurant.
2013 September – 2014 March 

Versus Digital, Inc.

Versus digital is a small agency building digital solutions for clients. As a designer and front-end developer (HTML, CSS, JS), I was building web products (enterprise apps, websites) for clients. My responsibilities included working with clients and software engineers to design solutions based on business requirements.

2012 August – 2013 June 


Save22 (launched in 2012 as Lobang Club) was a price comparison platform on iOS, Android, and Web at the time I joined the company. It has pivoted a few times since then. Customers were able to scan barcodes and compare prices to get the best deals from retail stores.

I designed the UI for the iOS, Android, Web apps (web products included the consumer website and internal tools for managing SKUs, shops, and prices), including front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS). I worked closely with a UX designer, stakeholders, and engineers to build the apps and internal web tools.

Milestones: Designed the apps for iOS, Android, and Web. Built internal tools for content and data management.
2011 August – 2012 May 

Chikka Asia, Inc.

My role included UI design and front-end development for the chat app and internal projects.